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Our clients range from Local Authorities, Housing Associations, NHS, Central Government, Schools & Colleges, Charities and major Private Organisations across the whole of the UK.


Public Sector

Our public sector recruitment team have worked in a variety of roles across the public sector before joining Tempting Recruitment. All this gives us a sixth sense for the types of employees you require, and if you’re a jobseeker, for the roles you want to work in and the public sector or not-for-profit organisations you want to work for.

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Private Sector

At Tempting Recruitment, we’ve built long-standing relationships with major Private Organisations across the whole of the UK.

Our clients range from multinational corporations to specialist consultancies, SMEs and emerging businesses. We successfully deliver a wide range of functionally specialist and challenging positions.

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Social Housing

We work with Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the country in order to provide quality Housing Needs professionals covering all requirements.

Our vast experience and network has allowed us to specialise in providing highly qualified, highly skilled workers to the housing sector. With such a highly diversified number of roles, the need for streamlined, effective recruitment is paramount.

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We provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions to the healthcare sector including NHS, private hospitals and charities.

Our services are efficient, personal and above all yield results in terms of attracting exceptional talent.

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Not for profit

With more than 20 years’ combined experience, we’ve built long-standing relationships with charities and not-for-profit organisations of all kinds throughout the UK – enabling us to offer you a diverse range of charity vacancies to suit your skills and expertise.

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Education & Early Years

At Tempting Recruitment, we firmly believe the main element that the Recruitment and Education sectors have in common is that they are both 100% focused on people. We have very clear thoughts about how important person to person relationships are within the industry.

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