What recruitment in 2021 can tell us about 2022

Throughout 2021, we saw more recruiters get back to business as usual, recover well from a challenging 2020, and prepare for a confident bounce back. We’ve further noticed a few key trends throughout the year – new challenges and opportunities we think will be around for the foreseeable future:

#1 The Candidate Shortage Continues

2021 saw a candidate shortage like no other. Our clients tell us they’ve never seen anything like it before.

Over on UK Recruiter, we identified three key factors for this shortage:

  1. Increased need for job security in an unstable market
  2. A surge in new startups from the best candidates
  3. Intense demand and competition for great talent

We expect this shortage to continue long into 2022 – but it’s also important to consider the opportunities for the very best recruiters.

As clients struggle to find, attract and retain the right people, a capable recruitment partner is more critical than ever before. Investing in your team, building their skills, and empowering them to do great work continues to be vital.

#2 Rookie Recruiters Are In-Demand

We’ve also seen more of our clients recruiting people who are entirely new to the recruitment industry. This is an effective way to cut through a difficult market where demand for experienced recruiters is at an all-time high. Of course, this also makes the need for proper onboarding, training and development even greater.

We expect online recruiter training to grow in 2022. It’s typically the best balance between speed, affordability and quality – a way to equip new recruiters with the skills they need, in a way that’s highly tailored to their existing knowledge. Our automated learner pathways help guide new recruiters through the fundamentals – and our huge library of content means they can always dig deeper into the areas that are important to you.

#3 Workpplace Culture Has Changed Forever

Finally, 2021 brought the end of the traditional workplace. Many have delayed a return to a physical office. And, where people are back in the same room, it’s often with new levels of flexibility and options for remote working.

Our expectation is that, in 2022, more recruiters will realise the need for social connections, even when people aren’t in the same space. Online learning can be an effective way to bring people together, sharing their knowledge or just going head-to-head in quizzes or training leaderboards. The Juice platform is already built to be social, but this is an area we’ll continue to invest in.